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Mutton Biryani Cut(Boneless)

Tender and succulent mutton perfectly curry cut into neat chunks of meat from shoulders, loins and neck of green pasture grazed goats

net wt. 250 gms


Thilapia; A mild flavoured protein filled package of white and meaty Boneless fish fillets.

net wt. 500 gms

Rohu (Curry Cut)

Bocha Gnadu Meenu: Neatly cleaned and curry cut freshwater fish rich in protein

net wt. 500 gms

Mutton Curry cut(WithBones)

Premium quality mutton finely cut into bite sized chunks with meat from necks, shoulders and loins of farm bred goats

net wt. 250 gms

Chicken Boneless

Succulent and Juicy Boneless Whole of The Pinkish Fleshed Chicken Cut Into Fine Bite Sized Chunks

net wt. 250 gms

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